Group companies

History of our group companies;
Our group of companies evolved through time until it takes shape to the present day. The following indicate major benchmarks for reference:

  • 1995: Began as a Retail Group mainly focusing FMCG products within Ethiopia
  • 1998: Established import and distribution in various sectors: Foodstuff, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment and Detergent
  • 1999: Established Clearing and Forwarding company in Ethiopia and Djibouti
  • 2001: Established Real Estate and Construction companies in Ethiopia
  • 2004: Opened Angola and Dubai office for FMCG importing and distribution
  • 2005: Established link with Asian companies in FMCG mainly Juices, cookies and biscuits
  • 2006: Established strong link with companies in China and opened a one-man office
  • 2010: Established presence in Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda for FMCG distribution
  • 2010: Shifting direction to expand to other African countries with strong presence on FMCG distribution
  • 2011: Established manufacturing lines for Detergent and Soap for South Sudan and Ethiopia market


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