About Us

Our Values

Our Values:

  • Belief in integrity and superior quality service
  • Belief in transparency
  • Belief in team work
  • Belief in continuous learning and innovation
  • Belief in the importance of doing the job well

Our Mission

Provide FMCG products most efficiently and effectively to ensure maximum level of satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be the first choice and world class distributors for FMCG products in Africa mainly in the Eastern Africa region.

Following two decades of experience in wholesale and distribution of various reputed global brands in Ethiopia, the idea came to expand to other African countries. Hence, BENAS was established in Uganda in 2010 to cater for the growing demands of FMCG products in the region particularly in Uganda, Rwanda, Eastern Congo, Burundi and South Sudan. The primary activity of the company is distribution of FMCG products within Uganda using our existing vast network and re-exporting to the neighbouring countries where we have presence.

Our offerings:

Partnership with us affords our Suppliers of the following:

  • Freedom from the task of managing time-consuming and capital-intensive distribution to ensure your products is available to your target audience across a territory, since distribution is our CORE COMPETENCY;
  • An established retail network throughout the region;
  • Safety and efficiency as our staff are trained and experienced to handle your products;
  • Local knowledge ;and
  • Excellent customer service.

For our key accounts, wholesalers, retailers and end users:

  • Sourcing and introducing of globally reputable and premium products;
  • Evident and clear price advantage over competitors – value for money; and
  • Timely distribution and reliable transaction

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