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As early as 6:00 am, all roads with in the central business district were dotes with at least someone with a pink T-shirt and a pair of canvas, and if you minded to ask they would tell you that they are heading to kati-kati Restaurant were this year’s race for life will be starting at 7:30.The event has attracted over one thousand participants and they come in all tribes, nationalities and creeds. Here the old adage that life has no color passes.  4
The music and the chanting of the excited participants greet you as you get closer to the starting venue. The bikes are raving their engines just to hype the excitement and the other motorists are looking for parking space to get the owners ready to take part in this race.
Thanks to the Uganda police that has taken it upon itself to secure the venue and keep order.
Yes, all banners, teardrops and memorabilia are out and they are flying high thanks to the sponsors of the event and yes, it is colorful and if you ask me it is for the right cause.
As we draw in, there are distinct categories of colors, to differentiate the staff from the other participants. Save for the blue and the greens, I see another team adorned in white and some in black with a label of Wilde. They are not only here to participate but they are also serving juices to the participants. So when you get an apple from the coordinators table, the next table serves you a bottled Wilde or cups of juice from the different five liters cask of different flavors. This is really refreshing and the amazement and the excitement is vivid.

On the main podium where the announcers are blurting in our ears all the developments and it is at this moment that we are asked to welcome the Indian high commissioner H.E. S.N. Ray and the Minister of Animal industry and fisheries hon. Ruth Nankabirwa who is representing the speaker of Parliament of Uganda. They are all sweating and leading us in the next session of the warm up. We are almost drawing to the starting time of 7:30am.
We have different categories of participants here and we are amazed to see even children and others in wheel chairs. The warm up is intense with high pitched music and the crowd is charging. The routes to be followed are two, one for the 10km and the other for 5kilometer and if you ask I will run the 5kilometer. My other Wilde team members are taking the 10kms. Yes, it is exciting. The mapping was done by Uganda Athletics Federation and their support all through the race is applauded.
The race is started and we all throng through the mapped route, we have marshals all through and refreshing water points to see us through. The medical and ambulances are all on standby and really applaud the organizers.
After thirty six minutes the 1st winner was announced and afew others followed through. On the Wilde exhibition desk the team is serving the winners with refreshments…. Yes, everyone here is a winner, the children, the women, the adults and all those in wheel chairs throng back all in jovial spirit after accomplishing the race. The announcers invite the chief Guest, for the closing remarks and appreciations to the sponsors who among others included, Barclays bank, DHL, Vatic Logistic, Eye to Eye optical, Roofing, multiple industries, Britannia, Uganda Oxygen, Uganda Police, Shurick, Roko, DTB, Shoprite, Kiboko group, crane bank, the list is long.
As Wilde team we are happy to associate ourselves with this humanitarian cause and we believe to explore more on other options to build firm networks and leverage on the same. We pack, hug and go for food.

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